Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Excellence Beyond the Classroom

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Years of Experience Educating Children

Bright Minds is For All Children

We go above and beyond in helping students reach their highest level of academic achievement. These are just a few of the ways we meet those standards.

Personalized Learning Program (PLP)

We strive to be an educational institute serving students at both ends of the academic skill spectrum, from challenged to advanced students.

Academic Excellence

Bright Minds is an all-inclusive learning center, which aims to train children to become more confident, creative, and self-reliant learners, and to excel in all areas of studies and achieve higher goals.

Online Learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bright Minds is offering Online Learning and Tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, Private Tutoring, Homework Support, and Learning Programs from Ages 3-18.

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Online Courses

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Happy Students

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Certified Teachers

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Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are experts in their fields and have a passion for helping children reach their academic goals.

Melinda Sales

Language Arts Teacher

ACT/SAT Lead Manager

Leila H

Math Teacher


Madison N

Programming Teacher


Lily Graham

Science Teacher


Everyone Deserves The Chance
To Learn and Excel With Bright Minds

With online tutoring available, there’s no reason to wait. Enroll now and be the key to unlocking your child’s academic success.

Find The Right Program For Your Child

First time enrolling your student in a learning academy?

All of our programs are available virtually at no extra cost...

We pride ourselves in improving students' study skills and making them academically successful as well as helping them with their overall development. Our programs have been developed with much consideration and consultation from elite educators and experts.

Bright Mind’s programs provide a holistic approach to learning with structured activities. It's an all-inclusive learning program for ages 3-18.

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Academic Awards

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