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ACT/SAT Super Prep

Bright Minds ACT/SAT programs involve individual tutoring sessions that cover useful strategies, through coaching, targeted practice, and other methods that can significantly improve your child’s ACT/SAT scores which they need to succeed.

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Math program

Math Enrichment

Help your child become Math smart and succeed! From number sense, all the way to high school level Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. Our math program is designed to achieve mastery of computational skills leading to success in upper-level courses.

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At Bright Minds, we offer reading practice and instruction that advances the students’ comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Does your young pre-reader have trouble learning their letter names and sounds?

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School Readiness

Our school readiness program is designed to help preschool-age children prepare for the formal education system. It’s focused on enhancing each student’s listening, following directions, interactive, and cooperative skills.

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Enroll Today

Invest in your child’s success and enroll them in one of our programs today. Visit in-person or call us for a free consultation to discuss how our Personalized Learning Program (PLP) can help your child excel in school.

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  • 5368 Fulton Dr NW
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  • +1 (330) 966-7226


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