How Important are ACT/SAT Scores?

Why A Good ACT / SAT Score is more important than ever?
Most competitive colleges value standardized test scores more than ever. Over the last 25 years, more and more competitive colleges have EMPHASIZED high test scores because it gives them a way to evaluate students with disparate school records. A small number of competitive colleges did drop ACT/SAT as a requirement but this pales in comparison to those that have affirmed merit scholarships based on ACT/SAT scores over the same period. At most competitive colleges, admissions officers blatantly admit that the ACT/SAT scores now carries more weight as an admission criterion compared to 15-20 years ago.

“The most prominent survey, US NEWS, makes SAT / ACT score the main category for admissions. Incoming GPA is not ranked in the survey. This means that students with high GPAs often lose in the admissions game to students with lower GPAs but higher SAT or ACT scores.”

College Admissions offices compete with each other by offering the strongest candidates money, and the flowering of MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS. Prior to 1990, scholarship money was awarded only to athletic recruits and to students with high financial need. Today, almost every competitive 4-year college awards scholarships to entice academic talent, and their assessment of “talent” is the SAT / ACT score. Awards of $2,000 – $200,000 are based largely on SAT or ACT scores.

important! Students with high aspirations should not overlook the importance of a good SAT / ACT score.

A well-designed prep course and individualized coaching can help students to higher points improvements, which can significantly open doors to good colleges and opportunities. Students should plan on taking the ACT/SAT at least 3-4 times. If you know you can prepare better and excel on a third or fourth ACT/SAT, not trying is leaving opportunities on the shelf.

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